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don't mind if i ask but  how do you save game ?

Development is on hold for the time being because I have... a LOT on my plate. Refunds have been issued. Thank you for understanding. I'm sorry.


Maybe it would also be a cool idea to make a few NB characters (maybe a trans masculine NB person, a trans feminine NB person and an androgynous/fluid character. Tho there may be better ways to go about being inclusive to NB personalities, but that's the simplest I can think of.)


A demi-boy < o w o >

One of the romance options in Chapter 4 is agender and one of the romance options in Chapter 2 is a demigirl !! + the player character of chapter 6 is a trans boy but hes not entirely sure to what extent he ids as a boy, so he just labels himself as a trans guy tho hed probably fit more under the label demiboy (though nothing is final until its released so this stuff might change)

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays! Here's a free copy of my game! Only one for now!


I understand where you're coming from with this idea, but it was never my intention. I apologize for the harmful way I presented my game and I did not mean to use the tragedy to further my own agenda. I am truly deeply sorry. I simply meant by it that in the aftermath of Pulse, now more than ever many LGBT+ people such as myself needed to hear/see that they were normal and okay and even beautiful, and that was what my game aimed to portray. I'm so sorry. Thank you for telling me how harmful my actions were. I hope to never make the same mistake again.

Cool any asexual characters?

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yeah, there are. Chapters 3 & 4 both have an ace love interest and Max (player in chapter one) is ace & biromantic