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Within a year of when Trump was elected, the world had been destroyed. Trump made himself king and executed all who opposed him. This led to the only survivors of his genocide being the inbred southern rednecks. The capital of the United States was changed to Texas, one of the few states with survivors of Trump's slaughter. Soon, Trump nuked China, Mexico, and Russia. When asked why, he said "I'm Donald Trump. I can do what I want." Unsurprisingly, the countries fired back. That was 2017. The radiation, combined with the zoophilic and incestuous culture of the American South, lead to the wasteland you see here. All the hybrids of humans and animals and god knows what else are from the southerners breeding with those creatures.
I started this as a joke, but now it's become a side project for me. If Hillary wins, I will release this game for free. If Trump wins, 5 bucks. It's not gonna take away from the development of A Different Love Story, but it's a good way to relieve stress via making fun of racists.

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Published15 days ago
StatusIn development
TagsGore, Open World, Post-apocalyptic, Survival Horror
Average durationAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
Player countSingleplayer

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This requires nothing to be installed with it, it's simply a demo of my game. It's incredibly barren right now but showcases the different area types of the game. They are as follows:



-City (It'll grow to take up all the flat land that's not taken by farms)

-Military Camp

-Infected Town (the cluster of ruins in the wasteland with the monsters)

-The Wall (We all know what this is, the big wall Trump's talking about)

And also you get a look at the species in Trumptown:

-"Humans" (The people with the axes)

-Zombies (The soldiers)

-Mutants (The infected town creatures, and the creature by the tank)

-Animals (Dog-People, Minotaurs, etc. Humans breeding with animals over generations led to this. Bestiality is completely legal in Texas. No, really, look it up)

-Giants (This one's self explanatory, it's the guy by the tower)

-Survivors (Humans who managed to survive Trump's genocide, now killed or maimed and put in camps)


Trumptown Demo


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Ehhhn, where I played Trump Simulator and Mr.President! which both star Trump, I'm getting a bit tired of the trendiness of the lackless, unfunny, uncreative games that basically go with the rhetoric: 'Trump is hitler and will end the world' indie games that keep popping up. The game does not even look like it'd be worth $5, even if Trump wins. If all the game has going for it is *Bad looking game* - *add Trump to entice people to play it* then.....we have to draw the line somewhere.

You know what would be creative? a Hillary Clinton game that shows her vast criminal organization of the Clinton Foundation while Obama and her start World War 3 with the Russians. You can base it off real-world facts too.

I get it tbh yeah, and I know Hillary is shit, but yeah I added Trump not so much to entice people to play it but rather to call attention to my account in general, because I have a pretty huge game that I'm working on (its page is currently in my drafts until I can release the first chapter) and I could definitely use support on it. I know this game is shit, and I'm pretty sure Trump won't win so it's gonna be free, but I'm trying to just make this a small open world project to test my skill at designing maps. If I really wanted to make a good game, trust me, you wouldn't see this crap. This game is shit tbqh.

Trump is leading the internal polls, just letting you know - and most intelligent analysts, and predictions by people with a history for being accurate have always said Trump is going to win by a landslide. Anyone who views the Poll outlets shows that they drastically skewer and rig the results wherein say, the test-numbers of participants in the poll-study are, basically, 70% confirmed democrat, 30% republican. They do it on purpose to inflate Hillary's numbers and lie to the audience/viewers. Not only that but the simple difference of Hillary's rallies which bring maybe....500-1000 people, and Trumps rallies that bring it literally, 30,000+ people. The only way Hillary would randomly, shockingly win, is by her cheating and rigging the polls, as it's also already confirmed by wikileaks that she's having Democrat centers go around poor neighborhoods, bussing people around to Vote dozens of times over, video footage confirmed a person proudly stating they've been doing it for years to screw over the 'asshole republicans' and they aren't going to stop anytime soon in cheating.

I keep a keen eye on the bullshit and politics, I can confidently tell you Trump will win, the internal polls if re-calculated show it, not due to my own bias, but due to research I've done, hours and hours of it. So, I can tell you, it'll then cost $5. lol.

The other thing I can tell you is, if your other huge game you speak of is, really great? Then a rule of thumb to me is that, you don't need publicity or to force yourself out there to be spotted. If a game you make is great? People will find it, and it'll spread, especially among youtubers. Word of mouth is the most powerful method of spreading, but that just has to mean it resonates with the audience as 'being worth it'. If it's a horror game I'd also likely check it out and spread it :P

He is leading as far as I know, but if more shit about him comes out about him "grabbing women by the pussy" and shit like that, I doubt he'll keep the lead. And no, it's not a horror game but if I can get my games big enough for me to be able to afford to do a real horror game, I will. I already have plans for a horror game, a zombie apocalypse game (that one'll probably never come out, or at least be as good as I wish it could be, but I have a story for all my games planned out), and a few other games that I sorta started working on but abandoned, but I might come back to them in the future.